How do you turn off the CD AutoRun for Windows XP? I see that you show how to do it for 98 and ME, but how about XP?

You’re right, we do have a tip that tells you how to turn off the AutoRun feature for Windows 98 and ME. If you’re interested in that, read here. If you happen to be an XP user, then keep reading.

In case I’ve already lost you, let me first explain AutoRun a little for you. Basically, AutoRun works with your computer’s CD ROM drive. When you insert a CD into the drive and you close the drive tray, your CD usually starts up on its own. Hence the name AutoRun. But, what if you don’t want it to do that? What if you just want the CD to sit there until you pick the program you want to open it up in? Does that sound like a better deal to you? Otherwise, the CD may open in a different program than you want and then you have to go through the process of stopping it, opening up the other program, starting it again, etc, etc. It’s just not worth all of that sometimes, so you can turn off the AutoRun feature and do things the way you want them done instead.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, here’s how you can turn AutoRun off in Windows XP. Please keep in mind that this tip works with your registry editor and you should only do this if you’re 100 percent sure you can handle this procedure.

1.) Go to Start, Run and type in “regedit” (without the quotes). Click OK.

2.) Once there, double click on the entry that says HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

3.) Next, double click on SYSTEM, then CurrentControlSet, then Services and finally Cdrom. This will bring up some text on your right hand side panel.

4.) Find the one that says “AutoRun” and double click on it. You will then see the value data for AutoRun. It will probably have the number 1 entered in, so go ahead and erase that and replace it with 0 (zero). Click OK.

5.) Now, just restart your computer and you’ll be all set.

That wasn’t too painful, was it?! So, when you use a CD again in your computer, you can choose what you want it to do next. It all lies in your hands now!

~ Erin