Heart Care

When you first glance at this site, you are probably going to wonder why I am bringing it to you. It’s mostly because I want all of you to have access to this kind of site; one where you can find support and information on caring for your hearts. I sent this to my parents and my sister as well.

To find out about the site and why it was started, look no further than the About Us section. Let me point out that while this is a British organization, it does not mean you won’t find this site useful.

Let’s dive right in! Head to the Support and Advice section. Here you will find recipes, information and great advice to keep your heart healthy. You can also find ways to support those with heart issues. I love the My Date with “Angie” section where you can read about Neville Sanderson’s view on his angiogram and his coronary artery bypass surgery. It is really interesting to read this from a patient’s perspective rather than a doctor’s.

Now, let’s go back to the main page and click the Forum link. Since we can’t all go to Britain, the forum at this site lets you get support from other users. You’ll find it opens in another window and is divided into different sections. It’s free to use and register, so you may want to do that.

This is an awesome site for information about your heart and how to care for it, as well as, getting support. Keep your hearts healthy!


~ Amanda