PS/2 Port

You may have heard this term before, but what really is a PS/2 port? I know this type of port is required for some of the items WorldStart sells, so you may have seen it on our Web site. So, if you’ve never needed a PS/2 port before, your time may come, so here is a little description of one for you.

A PS/2 port is also commonly known as the mouse port. It is a special port that is used to connect a mouse or a keyboard to a computer. This type of port usually works with a mini DIN plug that contains six little pins and it is usually round. You may know these ports by their color, as the mouse port is usually green and the keyboard port is usually purple.

Alongside the PS/2 port on your computer is a serial port, which can be used for just about any device (for example, a modem). Since the serial port is a little more advanced, the PS/2 port comes in handy for smaller devices like a mouse or keyboard.

PS/2 ports were created by IBM and most computers come with two of them.

~ Erin