Roadside America

Welcome to Roadside America, an online guide to find unusual tourist attractions. Right off the bat, before we get started exploring this site, I want to draw your attention to Light Bulb Methuselah’s. This is under the Features section on the side menu. Click on the image or the link to enter the section. Once inside, you will learn all about the longest lasting light bulb, which is a light bulb that has worked for 100 years. Isn’t that amazing?!

This is one of those sites where it’s fun to just click around to explore and I suggest that you be brave and give it a try. Navigation is actually all over the place! Here are a few great ways to start exploring.

Check out the What’s New section. Here you can find the most recently added strange tourist attractions. Or you can scroll down the page and start at the Contagious Sightings where you will find everything from a shoe tree to big bovines to two-story outhouses!

You can also use the Map-a-City section. Click on the Map-a-City link and when the page loads, you will have a couple of options. You can enter in the town and state you want to map and then click Show Map. There’s also a Popular City list you can use if you have a special place in mind that you want to check out. This will load up a map that has several bulleted areas on it. Click on one of the bullets and you’ll get a little bubble that comes up and has the address information. It will also have a link you can use that will let you explore that attraction in more detail. I liked doing this for places I’ve lived or visited.

There is so much to discover here at this site and I don’t think I could cover it all even if I tried. I got lost in a lot of the attractions and have learned about many new things to see and do when I travel. Check out these offbeat tourist attractions today!

~ Amanda