Subwoofer What?

Have you been hearing the term subwoofer a lot lately? Maybe you already know what it means and you’ve been experiencing the special effects of it for some time now. If so, that’s great! If not, let me explain the term to you a little more.

The word subwoofer goes along with the word speaker. A subwoofer usually comes with a set of speakers and it is an extra piece designed to produce very low bass frequencies. It was created to go along with the other speakers to help with the low sounds of bass when you’re using your computer. The range subwoofers usually hit is between 20 and 120 Hz. (For the record, 20 is pretty darn low!)

You can include a subwoofer with your speaker setup to create awesome sound effects. The subwoofer is usually a little bit smaller than the rest of the speakers and it can be placed on the floor by your computer and still give off the same sound. If you set up your speakers correctly, it will give you a whole new outlook on your computer’s sound!

You can really test out your subwoofer by playing music or a game on your computer. You’ll be blown away by the result! Subwoofers can also be used with TV surround sound. They help bring out the bass in the music that is featured in movies and TV shows. Cool, huh?

~ Erin