Food 411

Welcome to the ultimate online food resource. This site is a well crafted food resource that takes you from the best recipes to the best places to shop online for food or food services. To learn more about Food 411 and its history, check out the About Us section.

The sections of this site are: Let Others Cook, Ingredients, Baked Goods, Drink & Be Merry, Tools of the Trade, Healthwise, Gift Ideas and Food Reads. You can also get to the archives by clicking the archive banner at the top of the page.

Let Others Cook – This section is a collection of links for sites where you can find different services from full meals to dessert. It’s all covered here. It’s a fabulous resource for a dinner party or a special occasion when you don’t have time to cook. Come to Food 411, browse in this section and you are sure to find something that you like.

Ingredients – This section is a collection of links that will help you find and research those hard to find or not frequently used ingredients. There are some links included here that can even help you find local places to buy food (for example, produce) that you may not have known about. I was thrilled to find this section. I’ve been searching all over town for blood oranges and haven’t found any, but now I have reliable links to buy them whenever I want.

Baked Goods – Here you will find a section devoted to finding that perfect baked good for your next party or family get together.

Drink & Be Merry – Here you will find a section just for finding the perfect drink for your special occasion or maybe you’ll find another kind of wine to add to your collection. You will find, not only links to buy your favorite wines, coffees and teas, but also links to great information on the topics. For example, the Wine Lover’s Page where you can get straight talk about wine. And there’s no snobbery allowed!

Tools of the Trade – Here you can find places to get the kitchen tools you need, as well as, great product reviews.

Healthwise – Do you have a special diet, do you want to control your weight or do you just want to get the skinny on organic foods? Well, if you want to do any of those things, this is the section to browse.

Food Reads – This section is my favorite part of the site and the entire reason I wanted to bring the site to you. Here you will find the most amazing resources, from recipes to food blogs to magazines and cookbooks. There are so many interesting food recipe sites that I jumped for joy and got ready to dash to the kitchen to start trying things out. I loved Crash Test Kitchen.

Food 411 is an excellent, all around resource site. Whether you want to cook or order in, you’ll find what you are looking for here. Check it out!

~ Amanda