Health Rock – Music With a Message

One of the most boring subjects for me when I was in school was Health, but this site doesn’t make it so tedious. On this site, Dr. Seibel is a real doctor who also maintains this site, sings, writes and records the songs to make learning how to stay healthy fun.

Navigation is fun and easy. You can just click around or you can check out the labeled sections. The labeled section is on the jars on the shelf. If you click around the page, you’ll get to the same section, but it might be more fun for your kids to explore with the click around method. The sections are: Music, Games & Fun, Cartoons, Parent’s Corner, Ask Dr. S and Contact.

Music – Here you will find songs devoted to teaching kids to be healthy through music. From being comfortable being who they are to taking a bath to learning about their hearts, you and your kids will learn a lot.

Games & Fun – Well, it’s pretty obvious what you will find here. There are two fun games that have a health orientated theme and there’s even a coloring page that your kids can print out and have a lot of fun with.

Cartoons – Here you can watch cartoons and videos with a health theme. From washing those hands to the phat fat rap, you’ll find that these videos are both entertaining and educational.

Parent’s Corner – Here you can find short, downloadable e-books that can help you with important discussions you have with your children about certain health issues. Use them on their own or in conjunction with the site.

Ask Dr. S – Here you can, not only ask the doctor questions, but you can also see questions that other people have asked and the answers they received. Just scroll down to read the Q & A section. To ask a question, just type in your question in the empty text box and click the Ask button.

Isn’t this a really fun way to learn about health issues? I know I wish I had this when I was learning all about it!

~ Amanda