Has your computer clock mysteriously disappeared from your system tray? Where did the time go?
Well, if you have ever ran into this problem, put this little tip to use and try to get it back!

Go down to your system tray (this is where your clock usually sits, along with your sound icon and you may even have other programs like your antivirus down there, too). Right-click on any open area and choose “Properties“. This will bring up the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties box.

Toward the bottom, look for the message that says “Show the clock” and make sure that is checkmarked. If you lost your clock, chances are this somehow got unchecked and it has to be selected in order for the clock to be displayed. Once done, click OK.

If you’re using Windows Vista, the solution is a little different. Once you’ve right-clicked the Task Bar and chose “Properties“, go over to the “Notification Area” tab. That’s where you’ll find options to restore the clock and a bunch of other cool switches for your taskbar!

Welcome back, Task Bar clock!

~ Andrew