You probably have them all over your desktop and you probably use them every day, but do you know exactly what a shortcut is? Yes, the name seems pretty self explanatory, but here’s a little more information on the world of shortcuts for you, just in case!

A shortcut, in reference to computers, is basically an icon you create that sits on your desktop for quick access to anything you want. Whether it be a Web site, a document, a program, etc., you can make a shortcut for it. The shortcut is a direct path to the actual application you want to run, but it doesn’t remove the program from the Start menu or wherever you store it either. Shortcuts are also nice, because you can delete one from your desktop without deleting the program entirely from your computer.

As I said before, shortcuts make their home on your desktop, so it’s easy for you to get to everything you want to do on your computer (considering you have a shortcut made for everything). Once they are created, they are usually denoted by a little arrow in the left corner of the icon, so you’ll always know which ones are shortcuts. You just have to double click the icon to open the application.

I don’t think it can get any easier than that! To create a shortcut, just right click on your desktop and go to New, Shortcut and just follow the setup wizard the rest of the way.

~ Erin