Yard Sale Database

One of my favorite summer weekend activities is to go to yard/garage sales. It’s like being on a treasure hunt sometimes and is an awesome way to find stuff you need around the house cheaper than at a store.

Well, this site not only has yard sale information, but it also uses those amazing Google maps! So, I bet you are wondering how it all works. Well, there are several ways you can use the Yard Sale Database. Start by looking at the side menu. You can first search by zip code. Just type in your zip code and click Find. You can post your yard sale, remove your yard sale, check out the FAQs and even read Yard Sale Stories.

It’s even free to post your yard sale, so you can get lots of visitors into sell your old stuff too! Then, when you’re done, you can just remove your sale from the site. Pretty easy, huh?

The other way you can search is to click on the bulleted sales on the map on the main page. You’ll get all the details for that sale. And of course, you have the three Google map options: map, satellite and hybrid, to view the postings in.

What’s my favorite thing to buy at one of these sales? Well, to be honest I love to buy people’s left over paint. You’d be amazed at all the things you can do with it. For example, you have a boring beige or white room. If you get a bunch of different paints, you can jazz it up in no time with stripes or even circles. Polka-dots are great in a kid’s room too!

Happy garage saling!


~ Amanda