Customize Your Stripes

Okay, so you used yesterday’s tip in MS Excel 2007 for every other row highlighting, correct?

Were you disappointed that you couldn’t find a formatting choice to meet your needs?

Well, don’t despair! Microsoft included a way to customize table formats, making it quite easy to customize your stripes.

To create a custom table format, you need to start with the Format as Table button on the Home ribbon.

At the bottom of that, you should see New Table Style. Go ahead and select it.

The New Table Quick Style dialogue window will then open.

On the left, there is a list of table elements that can be changed.

Select an element and click the Format button.

The Format Cells dialogue window will then open.

Here you can make changes to the element’s fill, border and font.

Click OK when you’ve made all your changes.

At this point, the preview should have updated to reflect your changes.

From here, you can pick another element and repeat the process or choose to be done by clicking OK.

Now, when you go to the Format as Table button, you should have the top section with your custom format available for use.

With a bit of experimentation, I’m positive you’ll be able to create whatever you may need!

~ April