FEBE: New Firefox Extension

So, tell me, how much do you love Firefox extensions? I know some of you probably download new ones everyday, while the rest of you may have only used a few of them. Either way, you have to admit that Firefox extensions are very helpful and they bring a new light to our Web browsing experience. And what I have for you today is no exception! It’s called the Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) and I’m telling you, it’s top of the line! In my opinion, it’s one of the best extensions Mozilla has ever released for their Firefox browser. Let’s check it out!

With FEBE, you can easily back up or move any of your Firefox settings. That includes your bookmarks, links to the Web sites you visit most often, your stored passwords, your form data and so on. There’s nothing FEBE can’t back up or move for you! Now, I want you to stop and think about something for a minute. How would you feel if you lost all of your Firefox information? Or, what if you had to move it to another location? Talk about a nightmare! But with FEBE, you can do both of those things with ease!

FEBE also allows you to create custom backup configurations and you can even schedule your backups ahead of time. All you have to do is specify a save directory before you begin and then FEBE can go to work. It’s a very small download and it’s completely hassle-free. Anyone who uses Firefox on a regular basis really should give FEBE a try. If you’re interested, you can download the Firefox Environment Backup Extension for free right here. Just click on the Install Now button and you’ll be all set. Your Firefox has never been better!

~ Erin