Formatting Be Gone!

Working in MS Excel?

If so, have you found yourself in a situation where your worksheet has so much formatting, it’s beginning to be a bit ridiculous? I mean, how much time can you possibly spend keeping all that formatting consistent?

Wish you could remove it all and just start over?

Maybe you’ve tried that and found it was just too much work to remove it all, one format at a time.

Looking for a one step move to strip all the formatting away from your data and go back to the beginning?


Excellent, because that’s exactly what I have for you today!

To begin, you should highlight all the cells you want to remove the formatting from. Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar will select the whole worksheet just as efficiently as the button above the row numbers.

In older versions of MS Excel, you’ll need to go to the Edit menu, Clear choice. Then from the submenu, choose Formats.

If you’re working in Excel 2007, you’re looking for the Home ribbon, Editing section on the far right, the Clear button and then choose Clear Formats from the list.


All your data is stripped of its formatting and you can now start fresh again!

~ April