Burning DVDs in Vista

You may not know it, but burning DVDs with the Windows Vista operating system is extremely easy and a very nice experience! No longer are you required to use third party software, such as Roxio. Nope, Windows Vista has redefined this process and has taken it to a whole new level. Let’s check it out, shall we?!

I’m not sure what happened to Vista, but I’ll tell you what, I am all for it! Working with read/write DVDs is now a simple joy. To get started, simply stick a blank DVD into your DVD ROM drive and then just sit back and let Vista do all of the hard work. When the AutoPlay message box appears, click on the option that says “Burn files to disc using Windows.”

The next window you see will give you a chance to name your blank DVD or CD. It will also give you the option to format it for the Live File System, which is a new feature in Vista that will format your CD or DVD in much less time. Then when it’s finished, you will have a recordable CD or DVD you can use as an extra hard drive. Only this time, it will be a lot more portable!

To use your fresh blank DVD or CD, just drag the files you want to put on it into the blank area. The files will immediately be copied. You don’t have to click on anything at all. They will already be there for you! When you’re finished and ready to eject your DVD, a special pop up will appear, letting you know Vista is closing the session. You will then be able to use it on other computers. Each time you insert the recordable DVD, Vista will “remember” it and allow you to treat it like a portable drive. You can also drag other files to it, as well as, delete files you no longer need on it.

Now, isn’t that special? I hope you enjoy this!

~ Ramachandran Kumaraswami