Microsoft Bids on Yahoo!

If you read or listened to the news since last Friday (February 1, 2008) and through this past weekend, you have probably already heard about today’s topic, but just in case some of you are still in the dark, I’m here to fill you in! Toward the end of the day on Friday, a new story was plastered all over the Internet and on TV concerning the two corporate giants of Microsoft and Yahoo! I know it may sound a little weird to hear both of those names put together, but it all makes sense in the end. Keep reading for all the juicy details!

This is basically what happened: Microsoft made an unsolicited bid to buy Yahoo! for approximately $44.6 billion. Whoa! Why would they want to do that, you ask? Well, Microsoft has been trying for years to rise above the ever popular Google, but they haven’t been able to do so on their own. So, in hopes of finally being able to do that, they want to buy out Yahoo! and tackle Google once and for all. Now, with Google being the top search leader on the Web today, that may be a difficult task, but it looks as if Microsoft will do whatever it takes.

Of course, Microsoft is still the world’s biggest technology company, but if they don’t gain a more loyal audience on the Web, they could lose that position rather quickly. Because of that, this is a deal Microsoft really needs to go for. No deals have been made yet and there’s no saying Yahoo! will even sell to Microsoft, but the negotiations have begun. Yahoo! said they will carefully look over the proposal, but it’s anyone’s guess when or if a final deal will be made. Like I said, there are several news stories out about this right now, so if you’re interested in learning more, you can either search for it online or simply turn on your TV. You’re bound to hear something. I will also continue to keep you updated as things start to unravel, so be sure to stay tuned!

~ Erin