Do you love screensavers? Ever wish you could make one of your own? Well, now you can and it’s free with instaSaver!

In my opinion, the best part of this Web site is how easy it is to use! To get started, simply give your screensaver a name. For example, I made one of my pets, so I called mine “Pets.”

Next, you can upload 10 photos from your computer or select photos from Flickr. To upload your photos, click on the Browse button. Find the picture you want and click Open. Then just repeat until you have 10 photos.

To use photos from Flickr, go to the Get Photos From Flickr link above the generator. Now, the neat thing here is you can specify your Flickr account with your username. Or, you can leave it on Everyone and get photos by putting in tags. When you’re ready, just click Get Pictures! If you choose to use Flickr, please remember that the photos may be subject to copyright and you should get permission before using them.

After you’ve selected the photos for your screensaver, you need to set up the screensaver settings.

Choose from Random Slide, Slide Over and Stretch. (Click on the “What do these options mean?” link to see what each one does specifically). You can use all three, you can mix them or you don’t have to use any of them at all. You can also add a text watermark if you’d like. (The default says instaSaver, but you can just type in what you want it to say).

Next up is setting the speed. Your options are: Very Fast (three second delay), Fast (six second delay), Normal (10 second delay), Slow (20 second delay) and Very Slow (30 second delay). Having tried all of them, I really prefer the Normal speed. It’s just enough time to get a good look at each picture!

All that’s left now is to choose a background and click the Next button. There are 14 pre-made backgrounds to select from and two custom options. After hitting the Next button, you’ll be taken to the page where you can download your screensaver.

Download your screensaver by clicking on the “Click Here” link. That will walk you through the installation process too! You can even preview your screensaver by clicking on the Preview link. Or, click Uninstall if you don’t like it.

If you run into any snags, be sure to check out the Help section above the generator. Well, I’m off to create more screensavers for my computer. Have fun!

~ Amanda