Forex Flower

Welcome to Forex Flower, a Web site with a quick currency converter. It might be an odd name for a currency converter, but it sure does live up to its claim of being fast. Forex Flower is also extremely easy to use!

To get started, simply select the type of currency you want to convert from the drop down box. Then put in the amount of currency you want to convert (by default, it’s set to one, but you can change it).

Next, below the Amount box, you’ll find your results. They update instantly, even if you change the information. At the very bottom of the results, you’ll find a drop down box you can use to change the number of decimals shown.

On the right side of the page, you’ll find information about the site’s news and a feedback box. Just type in your feedback about the site and click Submit. Or, if you want, you can Digg it. You’ll find the link for that just below the feedback box.

This is a very handy Web site if you ever need to convert currency. I hope you enjoy it!

~ Amanda