Customizing “My Places”

Before we get started, I’d like to note that this tip is not for MS Office 2007. Please check in tomorrow for comparable information on those programs.

When you go to save or open files in a program from Microsoft’s Office Suite, have you ever noticed the icons on the left side of the window? You know, the column labeled “Look in.”

Ever wish you could alter that list to make it more useful?

If you like that idea and you have a newer version of Microsoft’s Office Suite, you’re in luck, because altering that list is quick, easy and exactly what we’re going to discuss today!

You’ll need to get to a window that uses the list, so go to the Open dialogue window: File menu, Open choice.

In the center, locate and select a folder you’d like to add to the list.

Now, go to the Tools menu, Add to My Places choice.

At this point, you won’t see a change, but believe me, the list is different.

What the program did was add your new location to the bottom of the list, so you’ll need to use the down arrow to find it.

I know you’re probably thinking this isn’t very helpful if you have to scroll down each time to use the location (I’d have to agree), so locating the new folder in the list is the first step in moving it toward the top.

Once you’ve found your folder, right click on it and choose Move Up from the menu.

The Move Up option will slide the location one spot up, so you’ll need to repeat this until you’ve got the folder high enough in the list to meet your needs.

Right click and select Small Icons from the menu if you have a lot of folders and would like more to be displayed at one time.

You also might note that in the same right click menu, there are other options, such as Remove and Rename. I’m sure you can figure those out for yourself!

One more interesting fact: the changes you make will appear in all of your MS Office programs, so investing time now to make quality changes is definitely time well spent.

You can use this tip to tailor the list and really make it your own!

~ April