Gmail E-mail Headers

Are you a faithful Gmail e-mail user? If so, this tip is a must read for you! Have you ever wanted to know where all the spam mail you get really comes from? I mean, you already know it’s not PayPal, the IRS or your bank, right? (Read here for more on that). So, who could it be? Well, here’s how you can find out some interesting information about your Gmail e-mails. You know, if you’re curious!

To check an e-mail’s message header, here’s what you do:

1.) First, simply open the message.

2.) Next, look toward the top right hand corner. See the arrow? Click on it.

3.) Then from the drop down menu, select Show Original.

4.) In that garbled mix of words (the e-mail header), you really only need one thing: the IP address.

Here’s where you can locate it:

Plus, even better, you can track where the message came from. Just go to and enter in the IP address. It’s that easy!

So, now you know how to locate certain details in your Gmail e-mail headers. Although you can’t really stop spam (it’s bound to come through sometimes), you can find out where it’s coming from. And that makes it a little easier to take, don’t you agree?!

~ Brandon Zubek