Flight Memory

Have you ever wanted to keep track of your flights? Well, now you can with this Web site. And get this: it even produces maps of your flights! To check it all out, click on Sign Up Here.

The required data is a username and password. I suggest you put in an e-mail address as well, just in case you lose your password. You don’t have to fill anything out under the Optional data area, but you do need to check that you’ve read the Terms and Conditions. Once you’ve done that, click on the Sign Up button.

You can log in immediately with the username and password you created. You’ll then land on the Welcome page. From there, you can Enter Flights, View Your Statistics and Change Your Flight Memory.

I’d recommend getting started by choosing Enter Flights. That will allow you to start your flight map. You’ll begin by adding simple information about your flights, such as the airports you departed from and landed in, the dates of the flights and even the times. In the next step, you can enter in more detailed information. For example, the flight number, airline and aircraft. You’ll find that they ask for ratings on different parts of the trip. When you’ve finished filling all of that out, click Save.

You can add as many flights as you’d like. Just remember to add outbound flights and return flights separately, because they count as separate experiences. You’ll then be on your way to creating your flight map!

Under Statistics, you’ll find your flight map, as well as, flight statistics. There are two maps here: one for domestic flights and one for international flights. You can also get a lot of statistic data here. For example, Flight Distances, Flight Times, Top Airlines, Top Ten Routes and Top Ten Airports.

It’s so easy to start tracking your flights and you end up with a lovely map that gives you a visual idea of how far you’ve traveled. Check it out!


~ Amanda