Ever wonder if you’re running the most up-to-date version of OpenOffice or its extensions?

Is your program automatically checking for updates, or are you expected to check?

How can you tell?

Do you get to choose?

These are all very good questions, so let’s take a minute to explore the options…

First, you can choose to set up OpenOffice to automatically deal with updates and to do that you’ll need to start in the Tools menu, Options choice.


Under the OpenOffice.org, Online Updates section you’ll see your choices for this type of updating.

Obviously you can choose to have the program look for updates daily, weekly or monthly.

If updates for your programs become available then you’ll see this little notification icon in the upper right hand corner of your program window.


Click it to open an update dialog box to see what’s there and then install it.

If you are wondering if there are updates right now, or elected to not have automatic updates then you can check manually via the Help menu.


Choose Check for Updates and the dialog box that opens will give the results of the check and allow you to install them.

And that’s all there is to keeping your OpenOffice Suite up-to-date… automatically, manually or both!

~ April