My Library Project

I came across some pictures of a home project we completed five years ago and thought I would share. I’ve always dreamed of having a library and see no reason to let living in a small house stand in my way. So we took the hanging bar and a shelf out of the living room coat closet.

Not a big room, but there is a nine foot ceiling. It might have been nice if I’d taken some before pictures. but I did not. So I will tell you the room was an unpleasant hospital gray/green. I refinished the floor to go with the rest of the room and we measured out the the space of the closet, compared it to the height of our books and figured out how to space out the shelves for maximum storage. We used cheap 2 by 4 s for shelves and I stained them to match the floor. Again, photos would be nice, but I didn’t take any. I wanted a color that would stand out against the dark blue living room and really make you look when the door was open.

I was a little surprised that I went with the yellow myself. Normally not a yellow person. But I like the golden glow it gives the room, like there’s something special inside.

And of course, there is something special.

I think whole project came in at just over a hundred dollars.  Now to plot my wine cellar.

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