If you’ve ever been a regular Microsoft Office user, then you’re probably pretty used to seeing a list of recently used files and the bottom of the File menu / Office Button / File tab of the Ribbon.

When you started working with OpenOffice you may have tried that trick and come up empty.

Take a look for yourself:


Nope, no files listed at the end of this menu.

So, did the writers at OpenOffice.org just not include this handy little feature, or do we look elsewhere.

I vote for elsewhere as I’m sure you do too.

In fact, when we looked at the bottom of the File menu we were so very, very close to them.

Instead of the bottom of the File menu take a look at the top:


Yep, there it is!

Of course it’s still different from what we’re used to seeing. You’ve got to open the sub-menu to access the file names and there are even some differences there.

The list of recent files is a mixed list… that is, it’s a list of all files recently used by any of the programs in the OpenOffice Suite.

So you’ll see Writer files listed with Calc and Impress files… well, you get the picture.

Given that we can start a new document of any type from any of the programs, it shouldn’t be surprising that choosing a file from the list will open the file in the appropriate program – no confirmations or delays necessary.

And there you have it- your recent files for ALL of OpenOffice are just a couple of clicks away in the File menu.

~ April