This is an interesting infographic about a different model of teaching called the Flipped Classroom.

Now, I know this debate can get contentious, so I just want to say up front that I don’t think either is absolutely 100% the correct way to teach. There are lots of different kinds of learners out there and no one model will encompass the best model of learning for everyone. It’s just interesting to see information laid out in this type of binary (at the beginning of the infographic) and see possible options to explore in the classroom. 

For example, I actually do really well as a student in the Sage on the Stage model, as an introvert group work and activities are very frustrating to me. One of the biggest transitions I’m making in my graduate study is learning to participate in seminar style classes. And I know that online interaction can be sketchy even when participation points are assigned from online classes I’ve taken in my undergraduate study. So those are just a few flaws that can exist in the model being proposed. 

But I still think it is interesting to think about how technology and online content can enhance and improve education. The infographic walks you through education model, how it came to be, what drives it, and how it looks in implementation. 

So check it out for yourself, and see what you think about this model of learning!