Grouchy Rabbit is a humor site that brings you fun facts, tips for success, definitions, and whole lot more. 

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find the most recent posts featured on the main page with a navigation menu to the right that will let you browse by category. 

The categories are Tips for Success, Facts, Signs that Things Aren’t Going So Well, Realized, To Do List, Definitions, Popular, Moderate, and About Us. 

The first seven categories are where you’ll find the humor. Moderate allows you to help the site go through the posts and moderate their content – both for spelling and content. And the About Us section is a snarky section about how the site came into existence and why your submissions might not have been added to the site yet. 

There is a search field at the top of the page that will allow you to search the site by keyword. 

Other than that there is nothing left to do but to enjoy some sarcastic humor!