Have you ever wanted to know when the national awareness days, weeks or months are? I got really curious about it after watching the Google logo change for National Awareness Days, and wondered if there was a listing of them where I could see what was upcoming for the month. 

This site has very easy navigation. You can select the month you want to view from the side menu on the left. So for example, you can click February and be whisked away to all the National Awareness Days for that month. 

They will appear as a listing, and are not in chronological order, but rather alphabetical order. Click on the link of an awareness day, and you’ll discover the day it is celebrated or observed, and a history of the day with suggestions of how you can be involved. 

I’ve bookmarked this site for handy reference, I bet you will too! However, if you don’t want to bookmark the page but still want to be kept up to date on awareness days, you can register your e-mail address to receive an Awareness Days Alert. Just type in your e-mail address and your First Name (optional) and click the subscribe button!