It is more than likely that you’ve seen the footage of the first walk on the moon at some point in your lifetime, whether you set out to or not because it is culturally pervasive, but now you can check out the same perspective as the first moonwalkers. How? By going sightseeing on the moon with Arounder. 

When you arrive on the site, your navigation options might not be obvious. You have three destinations you can explore (the three boxes on the image) and those are pretty obvious. There’s also a navigation strip beneath that where you’ll find the stuff you need to get around.

You’ll want to click on the ? first because it explains how to navigate the panorama. Next you’ll want to click the button with four arrows to make the panorama full screen. Then you can use what you learned about navigating from the ? and start your adventure. 

So which destination will choose? You have the option of Apollo 11, Apollo 12, or Apollo 17. Heck! Why not visit them all! I did! I started with my moonwalk though, so it was Apollo 11 for me.  It was really fun to imagine being in that moment and seeing what they saw from their perspective rather than the grainy footage I’ve always seen. 

If you want to get rid of the navigation strip (for the most part) you can click the arrow  in the right corner and most of it disappears – leaving just you and your view. 

Well, are you ready for your trip to the moon? It’s just a click away! Go check it out!