I discovered a  game that helps you build your grammar skills while having fun! You’re  a ninja honing your grammar skills to discipline your mind! 

Once the game loads you have the option to Start, learn How to Play, or view the Credits. I suggest starting with How to Play. It will walk you through how the game works, what the different levels include, and so on. 

Then press Start to begin your journey as a Grammar Ninja! Select the level you want to play. I started on Beginner and worked my way through Skilled and then tackled Master. 

To play all you have to do is click the correct parts of speech that match the challenge. This will hurl a throwing star at the one you choose. Get it right and be rewarded, get it wrong and be punished (but also learn what the word you clicked on really is)! 

Are you a grammar master? Go use your ninja skills today!