I am so addicted to this game! It’s adorable, challenging, and fun! I’ve been playing it in my web browser and on my phone. 

When you arrive at the site be aware that there is sound! So if you’re playing at work, you might want to turn the sound off before clicking. 

You’ll see all the games listed, but if you want to play click Give It a Try. This will open the game window beneath the main area. The game will load and show you the introduction, as well as walk you through how the game works. 

Your goal is to feed Om Nom but also to use the physics to collect the stars. By collecting stars you get a higher score, and they provide entrance to the next level.  So in levels 1-9 you need to collect 20 stars before you can unlock the next box of levels. 

I downloaded Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope Time Travel, and Cut the Rope Experiments for free from the Google Play store for my android device. I like to play it while I wait for my roommate to get out of work. 

You can also click Watch at the top of the page and view a bunch of videos about Om Nom. I found it was easier to click the YouTube button on the main video displayed and to browse through them on YouTube. There were even some fun How to Draw videos there too!

It’s super enjoyable, go give it a shot yourself!