I ran into Upworthy the first time in my news feed on Facebook. A friend had shared a post from Upworthy and I decided to check it out. 

It’s a site that promotes mostly videos, but also graphics too. Read their About page to get  their mission statement about the content they share.

The site features categories  like 7 Billion, Community, Diversity, Economy, Entertainment & Culture, Environment, Gender, Guns & Crime, Health, Immigration, Inspirational, International, LGBTQQ, Military, Parenting, Politics, Science & Technology, Spanish, and Workonomics.  I know I tend to run across them signal boosting powerful  TED Talks a lot. 

When you arrive at the site, you can browse the currently featured content on the main page, laid out for your consumption gallery style. Be warned it’s very easy to end up watching a chain of videos and lose track of time. Ask me how I know! 

You can also choose to browse via the categories I listed above by clicking the button with three lines on it next to the search field. It will open up a category view where you can select the topic you are interest in.  You can also search for a specific topic by using the search field I mentioned and clicking the magnifying glass button. 

Go check out this awesome content today!