Join the community at for free to get access to an add free social networking experience that allows you to post messages up to 256 characters long. 

Before you join, you might want to learn more about the site. You can do so by clicking the Learn More link. Then just scroll down that page and read the different sections. The nice thing is that they include a sign up button on this page to so you don’t have to navigate away to register. 

There are two ways you can register, either fill out the form with a username, e-mail address, and then create a password, or you can F-connect with Facebook. I used the F-connect option. 

Once you’re logged in you’ll start by creating your profile, and then you can find your friends over social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo). The next step offers you the option to subscribe to different broadcasts on the site, and then you can send the app to your phone or download it from either the Apple store or the Play store. 

You’ll need to verify your e-mail address to access the rest of the site. Once you do you’ll be directed to your stream, able to use the handy search engine at the top of the page, as well as use the handy menu on the left to navigate through what’s trending.

Notice on that menu at the left there is a FAQ link! I checked that out first thing, because I didn’t find the site super intuitive after logging in! The What is Alpha link was also very helpful in figuring out how the site works.  I find the phone app to be far more intuitive.

You can explore Conversations, Photos, what’s Trending, and Global to discover the latest posts! 

I think it’s interesting to checkout what an ad-free social media network looks like, especially after the latest Facebook feed change where I now see a ton of ads. 

Try it for yourself today!