There are some sites that I visit all the time, and some I visit occasionally when I need what they have to offer. The latter is true of Coffitivity. I visit it when I need sound to work by but music is too distracting. It’s so easy to procrastinate by singing along  with your favorite songs. 

In need of a boost in my productivity – I have a lot of writing to get done – I sought out my go to and discovered that they’ve updated Coffitivity in really neat ways! They still provide the research behind their concept so that you can check out the thinking behind using ambient noise to boost productivity. 

Now they’ve added different selections of ambient noise to pick from like Morning Murmur – coffee shop, Lunchtime Lounge – lunchtime chatter, University Undertones – campus sounds. Just use the arrows to navigate through these options at the top of the page. You’ll also find volume control just above it, and a pause/play button. 

But that’s not all they’ve updated! Now you can get Coffitivity for more than one platform! It’s available for Android, iPhone & iPad, there’s a Mac Desktop App, and even Hush – an option to help silence your Mac’s Notification Center. This means you can take Coffitivity with you on the go so you can be productive in more scenarios. 

I signed up for the newsletter, so I won’t miss anymore cool updates. You can too by clicking the Don’t Miss Another Update link, then fill out the form with your e-mail address and name. Submit the form, and then confirm your e-mail address. 

I hope these updates to Coffitivity will help make you even more productive!