Good News is a free, personalized news feed! You customize it to display news from sources you trust on your favorite topics. 

To register click the Sign Up button, you’ll type in your e-mail address and confirm it, and then click the Sign Up button again. Go to the confirmation e-mail and click the link, then you’ll provide your name and create a password. You can also sign in by using Facebook, Google +, Twitter, or Linked in.

Once you’re logged in you’ll select the sources you want to receive news from.  All you have to do is click them and then once they’re all selected, click Save.  Then it will show you how the feed works and give you options to connect to social media, and install any plug-ins. For example, there’s a browser add-on for Chrome.

Then you’ll be in your news feed proper. It is setup gallery style. Just click the article you’d like to read. It will give you a snippet of the article, and if you want to read more, click the link and it will open it in a new tab! That way you don’t lose access to your feed as it was when you stopped to click on something interesting.

I think this is a cool way to get served up the news every day! Check it out for yourself!