If you’re ever in Toledo, Ohio and are looking for somewhere to eat you can find awesome reviews of place in Toledo here!

I discovered the site after 419day – a huge downtown event that features independent crafters from around the area (Maker’s Mart), a farmer’s market, the art gallery loop, record store day and so much more!

We visit our favorite purveyor of yarn – Bad Amy Knits  whenever there is a Maker’s Mart and were in luck that she was housed with some great food! We got the most scrumptious cupcakes from Black Magic Bakery in caramel apple flavor, and excellent challah and a chocolate croissant from All Crumbs Bakery. 

It’s really awesome to be able to review a local site that promotes local businesses. There are so many places to eat on here that I’d never even heard of! Or to get opinions about places that are right around the corner that I’ve just never tried. 

Navigation is easy! On the main page you’ll find loads of featured content. You’ll also find a menu strip under the logo with the following offerings: Smash Categories, Restaurant Cuisines, Restaurant Locations, Restaurant List, Local Products, and All Videos. 

This is a great way to find awesome food in Toledo. Check it out today!