This is a really fun geography game. It is easy to play and share with your friends. 

When you arrive at the site all you have to do is look at the location you are being shown and then click on the map where in the world you think you are.

You can zoom in and out on the image by clicking it and using your mouse to navigate.  You can also zoom in and out of the location you think it’s at on the map in the same way.  Then you click the Make a Guess button and it will popup and show you how close or how far you were from the actual location in the image. 

There are five rounds of guessing and then you receive your final score and the option to share the results with your friends and family over Facebook or via the URL.

You can even challenge them to the same set of image by clicking and sharing the URL under click to get challenge button. Then you can just copy and paste the URL on your favorite social media sites or via e-mail. 

How well will you score? And will you challenge your friends to a geography battle?