This was  a hard site to write up because it kept distracting me from the actual writing portion of my job. 5by is a site and application (both Google Play and iStore) that offers you curated videos that are personalized to your taste in content.

You can sign up with your e-mail address (fill out the form, create a password) or you can F-connect with Facebook. I totally used F-connect. Signing up allows you to share and rate the videos you see.  Rating your enjoyment of the videos you see allows the site to start customizing the kind of videos it offers you. 

I chose Travel as my first option and then Timelapse, so it offered me a time lapse video called Discovering Vancouver that I loved. 

When you’re watching a video there are hidden navigation options on the screen. Mousing over the bottom center of the screen brings up the video player controls where you can pause, play, skip, rate, and share the content you’re watching.

In the top left of the page you’ll see three lines stacked, if you click that it opens up the left menu where you’ll find links to the Concierge, Channels, Newest, History, and FAQs.

If you click on 5by at the top center of the page the concierge will pop back up and offer you another browsing choice. In the top right of the page you’ll find a circle (if you signed in with Facebook it should display your avatar), if you click it you’ll find access to your account information and your social sharing controls. 

The reason I was having a hard time getting back to my write up is that the videos stream and I kept getting served up awesome videos. I wouldn’t recommend this site for kids (at least not without parental supervision) as there were some fact videos on adult topics, but that’s the only reservation I have about the site. 

Go check it out for yourself today!