P. Garden from Spring Hill Florida writes:

I have Windows Live Mail and could you please explain how to set it up to receive Yahoo Mail and send mail through the Yahoo address by default. Thank you for taking the time to address my problem it is driving me crazy.

 Sure, it’s a pretty easy process to set up, but there is a catch. Now you can download mail from most places to an e-mail client like Live Mail with no issues. Gmail and any Microsoft address like a Hotmail, Outlook.com or MSN address  can be downloaded with just a couple of minutes. Most e-mail addresses linked to other service providers can also be downloaded. But with Yahoo, there is a catch. You can only download Yahoo e-mail to a client if you are willing to pay the $49.99 per year for Yahoo! Mail Plus.

Now if you already have Yahoo! Mail Plus! or want to download messages from another e-mail provider, here’s how to do it.

Open Live Mail and click the Accounts Tab.

Next click the big green plus sign with Email written underneath.

 Fill in the information for your account. If there’s something specific you need to do for the account such as enable IMAP on that account, you will be directed to do so.

A window that allows you to configure server settings will open. If you are using a Hotmail, Outlook.com or MSN address, you can set up with one click. For other accounts you will have to enter your server information. Most likely you can find the information on your e-mail provider’s website. It took me three seconds to find Gmail information. If you can’t find it online, just call your ISP’s customer support line and tell them you’re setting up Live Mail and need the right server settings.

Once the account is set up, you’ll want to make sure that Live Mail is your default client for sending e-mail. (It probably will be anyway, if you don’t have another client set up.) Type “Default Programs” into your search box and click on the icon.

A Control Panel window will open, choose Set your default programs.

Select Windows Live Mail from the list of programs and then choose Set this program as a default.

~ Cynthia