Roger asks:

When I type on my Windows 7 laptop, it does not type what letters I type and comes out gibberish. I look at my hands when I type so when I look at the screen it doesn’t make sense. What is happening?

Hi Roger,

My first guess is that you have the Function (Fn) key turned on. The function key allows you to type alternate letters on a laptop keyboard, generally denoted by smaller versions of characters on certain keys or characters in a different color. Sometimes the Function key can be locked on and you not know it, so I’d suggest pressing it once and trying to type. Also check that the NumLock key is not locked down as well, as this could also be affecting the letters.

If that did not work, it is possible your keyboard language got changed. To fix this, go to Control Panel, Clock, Language, and Region (or similar), then Change Input Methods under Language. There you can change your keyboard language. There are other keyboards set up with a different layout to the letters, so if it somehow got set to one of these, the letters would be wrong.

~ Audra