Ready to make travel plans? Daunted by the task of matching activities with locations and doing it all within your budget? Well check out Owegoo – you tell them what you want to do and they’ll tell you where you can do it at! 

I’d recommend starting on the About page. There you can learn about why the site was created, but even better you can watch a video about what the site does and how it works!

Don’t want to watch the video or check out the About page? Well all you have to do to get started is type an activity into the search field and click the red Search button. You also have the option to click Inspire Me to have a random filter applied. 

Once you’ve done your search, you’ll be given options of locations that you can check out. You can check out the destination by clicking on the name of the location, or you can check out hotel and flight rates right from the site. 

I think this is a cool way to check out your travel options if you’re planning a trip! Go see for yourself today!