Welcome to Supercook! This site is an amazing resource that lets you input the ingredients you have on hand and shows you recipes that you can make with them. 

I find this is super helpful for those days just before you go grocery shopping when you are running out of things and need some help figuring out what to make. 

How does it work? Simple! Just start by selecting ingredients from the Do You Have? box and it will start generating recipes of things you can make. You can add to these ingredients by entering your own in the My Ingredients text field. Just start typing an ingredient and choose it from the list that pops up. 

As you’re selecting ingredients, recipes are loading on the right side of the page. See one you like? Just click on it to be whisked away to the recipe page.  In Google Chrome these opened in a new tab, so I didn’t lose my search. 

Want to save recipes for a later date? You’ll need to register for a free account – click Login/Register at the top of the page, then provide an e-mail address and create a password, and click the Register button – then just sign in, and click the star button on the recipe you want to save. 

This is a great way to make meals from the ingredients you have on hand! Check it out today!