If you love to play with photos, you’ll enjoy BeFunky Photo Editor. It’s available as an App for smartphones just like Instagram, but you can also use it for free online with your PC. I introduced you to BeFunky in three previous articles: BeFunky – Fun, Free Photo Editing For Your PC , Touching Up Portraits With BeFunky Photo Editor and BeFunky Photo Editor: Filters And Effects.

Check out those articles first if you aren’t familiar with the program.  In this article, we will check out the options for frames, light effects and textures. You’ll find frames by clicking on the frame icon on the left side of the program.

Choose your frame by selecting the icon. You can adjust the size of it with the slider bars in the adjustment menu.

Looks range from Polaroid style to funky things like letters. Notice with the letter frame option, you only get the first half of the alphabet for free. If you want access to full range of frames, you will need to upgrade to the paid version of the program. But there are plenty of frames to choose from in the free version.

BeFunky Blurs lets you choose from fun shapes to highlight the center of the photo while blurring the edges.

You will find options for holiday themed frames that would be great for designing an image for a  photo Christmas card or holiday invitation.

Here’s the Filmstrip option:

And the Grunge choices:

If you prefer a more traditional look, go with the Classic frames.

To add text, click the Text icon. You can choose between BeFunky’s selection of fonts.

Or go with the fonts you have installed on your computer.

Start typing in the text box to add your caption. You can adjust things like alignment and the opacity of the text.

As well as the color of the text.

Choose the Goodies icon to add fun stickers to your images.

Some of the goodies have the look of stamps applied to the image. You can adjust the opacity with the slider bar and the size by dragging the corners of the sticker you want to apply.

Choosing Facial allows you to add things like sunglasses and beards for some silly fun.

Speech bubbles are another option that allow you to customize your image.

Once you position your speech or thought bubble, you can start customizing.

Here, I’ve changed the color and opacity of the speech bubble using the slider bar controls and added a frame to the image.

Next I’ll add some sunglasses from the Facial section and use the Text button to type inside the speech bubble.

Click on the Texture menu to see options for playing with light and textures.

Here’s a baby with the bokeh light effect.

Or you could add light streaks.

There are also options for paint, metal and brick textures. The effects I really like are fabric and paper.  Here I’ve added a canvas effect to an image I used an artistic effect on to make it look a little bit like an image on canvas.

Here’s an image with a paper effect applied.

Using these frames and textures you can make anything from a silly party invitation to something quite lovely. Best of all, since it’s free you can play all you want.

~ Cynthia