I’ve been looking for some very easy exercises that don’t require special equipment, and while I was hunting I found this site! 

It offer exercises you can do without any exercise equipment (although I had to get inventive to try the wall sit and ended up using the front door), and it keeps track of your progress via cookies. So when you come back you can exercise again, and then get statistics for your overall workouts. 

IF you’re ready to being click Exercise Now, and this will whisk you away to the application. From there you’ll do the exercise listed and then click Did It Do Another, to move onto the next exercise. After you’ve gone through the random rotation of ten exercises click Done For Now. 

The next time you come back to the site, you’ll be ready to start a session. The idea is that this is a very easy way to get back into shape a little bit a time. It took me about five minutes to do all these exercises for my first session. Overtime the tracker will increase your exercises so that you don’t plateau.

If you click the ? button in the top right, you’ll be taken to the help page where you’ll find this video of someone trying the exercises, as well as links to get it as an application for your Ipad/IPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, and on the web.  

You’ll definitely want to bookmark this one so you can come back to it daily!