Welcome to the National Aquarium! Located in Baltimore, Maryland, the National Aquarium’s website brings you information not only about how you can visit, but also showcases information about the animals and exhibits at the museum.

I brought you today’s site for the Explore section, which you’ll find on the navigation strip across the top of the page. When you click it the drop down menu appears and you can choose from a variety of categories featuring either Animals or Exhibits.

Animals – this section lets you check out the animals housed at the museum. To navigate just scroll down the page and select an animal to learn more about. They are divided into categories by species: amphibians, birds, multiple kinds of fishes, invertebrates, mammals, and reptiles. Clicking on specific animal, for example the pig-nosed turtle, will whisk you to that animal’s page, where you’ll find tons of information about it like diet, size, range, and population status.

Next there are a series of exhibits you can check out under the Explore section like Amazon River Forest, Dolphin Discovery, Jellies Invasion, and Shark Alley. Clicking into one of these categories will tell you what animals are housed in that particular exhibit, as well as provide you with more information about the exhibit, and allow you to add it to your trip planner. Some of the exhibits even have great online exhibits like Jellies Invasions where you can take tour, get behind the scenes information, learn about the jellies, their predators, and how they survive.

Another great feature you’ll find under the Explore tab is the Webcams section! You’ll have access to visit the Black Tip Reef and Pacific Coral  Reef cams. Each section comes with information about the location you’re viewing, as well as secrets or information about the creatures displayed on the web cam. I watched the Black Tip Reef for quite awhile it was so enjoyable!

Go check this aquarium out for yourself today and maybe a plan a trip to visit it in person in the future, I know it’s made it on my list of places to go see!