Haiku Deck is a new, innovative way to give presentations. I’m really looking forward to using it this semester for any presentation I need to give, but also think it would be great for any situation where you need to present material to an audience. 

It’s available for free on the web and for Ipad. If you need another platform, make sure you click the For Another Platform link to be notified when they’ve got the platform you’re looking for! This also lets them gather information on how many people want their product for a certain platform I imagine. 

You can scroll down the main page to learn all about Haiku Deck. You can look at featured examples, watch a video, and even  check out reviews. Once you’re ready to give it a try click the link for your platform, so For Web or For iPad. I’m using the web version. 

To sign up you’ll either provide an email address and create a password or you can sign up with Facebook or Twitter. I used the F-connect option with Facebook. 

Once you’re logged in, there are lots of helpful directions on the screen to get you started, and a big More Help button in the top left of the page. I started by selecting a Theme and designing the presentation from there. You can select different kinds of slides: title, list, chart, etc. You can customize the text and background.

Definitely check out the Gallery to see finished presentations to get a look at all you can do! 

When you’re all finished you can export it as a .PDF or .PPT file or you can share it via the web. 

This is an awesome way to make presentations and it’s easy to use! Go check it out for yourself today!