I really like the premise of this site: to raise cultural curiosity and connect in collective humanity. Things that festivals have a great way of providing us with. We can experience new cultures and collective joy.  I would start by checking out the About page, where you’ll find a great introduction to the site, and an awesome introductory video. It also answers three questions: Why 300 festivals? Why this particular 300? Why Chip Conley?

On the main page you’ll find amazing featured content like photographs, articles, and what’s happening right now in the world of festivals.  You can check all this out by just scrolling down the page and clicking on the things that strike your fancy.

You can also check out the navigation options at the top of the page: The 300, Fest Finder, and more! 

The  300 – here you’ll find the 300 festivals selected for this project. You can browse them by Location, Category, Date, Alphabetical order, or you can use the arrows near the bottom of the page to just scroll through the festival pages. 

Fest Finder – this section provides you with an interactive map that you can use to see festivals around the world. 

I hope you’ll check out this awesome site today and enjoy learning about festivals from all around the world!