Malware Discovered On Server

A reminder that no system, no matter how large or important, is safe from malware: a hacker was able to put a piece of malware onto the server for and that breach went undetected for more than a month.

According to reports, the hacker just looked around for vulnerable servers and came upon a server for that still had the default password for the server. The malware was a bot, so it could have been used to leave malware all across the system, but fortunately that didn’t happen.¬† The government also says that no personal information was compromised.

This incident combined with the IRS failing to properly back up e-mails shows that the government is clearly not following some of the most basic safety precautions that businesses and every home users are supposed to take.

Microsoft Sued Over Bing Image Widget

Microsoft is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit from Getty Images over the Bing Image Widget. You can use the Image Widget to imbed images from Bing Search onto a website. Getty says that function allows users to put images on their websites, whether they’ve paid for them or not.

Since Getty is in the business of selling photographs, this could cost them a whole lot of money. They want Microsoft to get rid of the widget and Microsoft says they’ll take a look at Getty’s concerns.

After Photo Hacking, Apple To Send Out More Security Alerts

As part of the fallout from the hacking of the iCloud accounts of several celebrities, which resulted in nude photos being posted online, Apple says they are going to start sending out more security notices.  Users will be notified  when iCloud data is added to a new device for the first time.

Users also receive notices when someone attempts to change an account password and when someone logs in to iCloud with a new device for the first time.

~ Cynthia