Here’s a great little Facebook trick that can spare your more sensitive friends a shock or let you leave  someone out of the loop on purpose.  I have a couple of friends who don’t do well with spiders. Even pictures of spiders in a Facebook feed is enough to cause hyper-ventilation. It’s humorous because one of these friends is a psychiatric nurse in a maximum security prison. Serial killers are no problem – I’ve seen her run from a spider.

Unfortunately for them, I love sharing creepy news about bugs. Like when a palm-sized spider was discovered in a nearby state park. How can I protect my friends and still have the pleasure of creeping out others? I can use the custom privacy settings when I share a post on Facebook.

Here’s how it works. When I write a post or pick a post to share, I click the button at the bottom that shows what audience I’m sharing this post with. I this case, Friends.

From the drop-down menu that appears, choose Custom.

Go to the Don’t Share This With section and start typing the names of the friends you don’t wish to see the post then click Save changes.

I’ve also used this feature to avoid showing certain posts to certain people. Maybe sports or political posts that you know are going to get someone riled up. Maybe you have a relative or friend that you know doesn’t care for risque humor or younger relatives that you don’t necessarily want to see a link to a disturbing news story. There are a lot of uses for this feature.

 ~ Cynthia