I was watching a podcast the other day, and the host was talking about their love for photobooths, how popular they were in the past, and how hard they are to find nowadays. I wanted to look into the subject further, because I didn’t even know where you could find a photobooth and didn’t grow up with the experience of using them to commemorate trips or occasions in my own past. The host also offered a photobooth contest, where if you found a photobooth and had your picture taken and then shared the photos you could win a prize. 

So I went in search of photobooth locations near me and instead found this awesome site that not only gives the locations of photobooths all around the world, but also maintains a blog about them, keeps track of their appearances in art, film, and music, as well as when they disappear into private collections or scrap. 

The locator is easy to use, just click the dropdown box under Browse and select your State or Country. It will then display a listing for your area. There were only six listed for Ohio, and two for Michigan. None that were very close, so I opted out of the contest, but I was still fascinated by learning all about the photobooths from this site. 

Go check it out for yourself today!