I love quotations! It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and added some quotes to my commonplace book. But I ran across one that I just had to jot down, and it got me searching for more quotes afterwards. That’s how I found this site of curated quotes! 

When you arrive at  the site you’ll be treated to the featured collections right on the main page. And along the right side you’ll find popular categories, people, and the daily quote. Along the top of the page you’ll find a navigation strip offering you the options of Categories, People, Movie Quotes, Picture Quotes, and Inspirational. 

My favorite way to browse though can be found by scrolling down the page to the Random Quote Generator. Just click the link and it will generate a random quote. Want another one? Click the next button. You can also generate Random lists of quotes. Click Random List and it will generate a curated collection of a random topic. I got Rain quotes. 

This is a fun way to browse quotes! I hope you’ll check it out today!