Would you like to receive free, high quality photos in your email every month? Well now you can! Just sign up for Death to the Stock Photo and not only will get images sent directly to your inbox every month, but you’ll also get a free pack of photos for signing up.

When you arrive at the site you get a healthy sampling  of the quality of images on the site directly from the main page. And I love that the sign up field is prominently displayed  right away. You can scroll down the page to learn more, see more photos, and check out the licensing terms.

You should also check out the Read Stories section where you’ll find the Roadtrip Blog. It’s filled with great photos and stories from the road trip. The About page will tell you all about the photographers behind the site and why they decided to create it. 

To sign up, type in your email address and click the green Sign Me Up button. You’ll be registered and have immediate access to download your free bonus pack of images.  You’ll get your first set of images on the 1st of November, and then on the first of every month thereafter.  (Be sure to check your email and confirm your subscription.)

I was impressed with the photo package you get for free. I could see using some of the photos easily on my blog.  I’m also thankful that they take the time to break down the terms of use into plain  English while still providing you with the legally binding terms of use. Be sure to check both of those documents out if you intend to use the photos. 

I hope you’ll enjoy your monthly free photos. I know I can’t wait to receive the first batch in November!